Jeremy Turner

Director Producer Writer


  • Shell – ‘Promises’; ‘Personality’; ‘Noordzee Wind’ – Agency: Bigger Bang
  • Triumph Underwear – ‘Team Triaction’ – Agency: Exposure
  • Purina Pet Food – ’Pro-Plan’ – Agency: McCaan’s
  • Heathrow Express – ‘The Airport’s closer than you think’ – Agency: RPM3:Beechwood
  • Team Lotus F1 – ‘Let’s Get Started’ – Agency: Lotus PR
  • River Island – ‘Street Couture’ – Agency: Point Blank
  • Stella Artois – ‘After Dark’ – Agency: Exposure
  • Purina Pet Food – ‘Dog Chow’ – Agency: McCaan’s
  • Hoseasons – ‘Landal Launch’ – Agency: Hoseasons PR
  • Umbro – ‘True Brit’ – Agency: Exposure


Drama Documentaries

  • I AM A KILLER – An in-depth insight into the stories of prisoners on death row in America, showing there are multiple sides to every story. Producer/Director/Writer – Netflix – Sky Vision
  • Edward Snowden: Whistleblower or Spy? Why did Snowden really hack the NSA, to free the truth  or under orders from a foreign power? Drama Director/DoP – Signpost Films/GTV
  • Forbidden: Dying for Love – Taboo love affairs that lead to shocking and horrific crimes. Producer/Director/Writer – Investigation Discovery – Blast! Films
  • Women In Prison –The real ‘Orange is the New Black’. Drama Director/Edit producer/Writer – Investigation Discovery – Raw TV
  • Web Of Lies  The uniquely 21st century phenomenon of crimes with an online twist. Producer/Director – Investigation Discovery – Blast! Films
  • Serial Killers – Investigating three of the most notorious serial killers in criminal history: Peter Sutcliffe; Dennis Nilsen and Steve Wright. Producer/Director – Discovery/C5 – IWC Media
  • Perfect Disaster: Firestorm – Sydney’s worst nightmare: an all-consuming firestorm threatens the heart of the city. (Emmy Nominated). Producer/Director- Discovery Channel –  Impossible Pictures
  • Bloody Tales of…
    …The Tower of London
    : from the savage death of Simon of Sudbury in the 14th century, to the final execution in the tower of the WWII German spy Josef Jakobs.
    …Europe: 18 of the goriest tales from European history, including Caligula; the Borgias, Attila the Hun, Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad the Impaler. 
    Drama Producer/Director – Nat Geo – True North


  • Operation Stonehenge Following the most far-reaching survey ever done of Stonehenge, visually stunning drama and CGI combine to tell the story of the people who built and used this iconic monument. (Emmy Nominated). Series Producer/Director – BBC2/Smithsonian – October Films
  • Space Integrating live action and CGI, Sam Neill takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride through the Cosmos. (Winner of two RTS awards: “Innovation” and “Computer Graphics”). BBC1 – Producer/Director – BBC
  • Body Snatchers From modern day survivors of the ‘Black Death’ to emerging viruses that have hijacked international travel. (Winner of a “Golden Dragon” in Beijing Science Film Festival). Producer/Director -BBC1 – BBC
  • Human Body: Pushing the limits – How humans survive in the most extreme environments on the planet. (Emmy Nominated) – Producer/Director -Discovery Channel – Dangerous Films
  • The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion’ Centre piece series for the ‘Year of Science’ charting how history made the science that made history. BBC 2 – Producer/Director – BBC
  • Filthy Cities: Medieval London Dan Snow plunges deep into London’s medieval muck to reveal how the city’s 14th century battle with filth laid the path to the creation of the modern metropolis. Producer/Director – BBC 2/DCI – BBC
  • Ten Natural Disasters that Changed the World” – (2 hour special) – From the Indian Ocean Tsunami to the 14th Century Black Death, ten leading experts formulate a list of what they believe to be the most important natural disasters of all time. Producer/Director – Nat Geo Channel – Pioneer Productions
  • Light Fantastic: Let There be Light Prof Simon Schaffer explores how the early religious authorities obsession with divine light unwittingly drove our scientific understanding of optics and vision.  Producer/Director – BBC2 – BBC
  • Back from the Dead…
    …Navy of the Damned
    : The archaeological excavation of three Naval cemeteries, reveals the brutal lives and tragic deaths of 6 sailors who served in the 18th century Royal Navy.
    …Gladiators: Drama, forensic anthropology, and CGI combine to bring back from the dead six gladiators who fought and died in a far-flung corner of the Roman Empire. Producer/Director – Nat Geo/Ch4 – October Films
  • Animal Farm –Biologist Dr Olivia Judson and journalist, Giles Coren enter the world of biotechnology to discover if scientists are about to plunge humanity into a genetically modified utopia or a mutated hell. Series Director/Producer – Channel 4 – Lion TV
  • Human Senses – Natural history expert, Nigel Marven, turns his attention to the most exotic animal of all – humans. Producer/Director – BBC1 – BBC
  • How the Earth Works Examining volcanoes in Indonesia, tsunamis in Japan and mountain ranges in the USA, geologist Martin Pepper and biologist Liz Bonnin reveal the extraordinary processes that shape our planet. Producer/Director – Nat Geo – Pioneer Productions

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